On our way to a sustainable community!

SEEDS is working in Northeastern Pennsylvania to cultivate sustainability for our community. Inspired by the work of 350.org, we are encouraging Wayne County, PA residents to install renewable energy on their homes and businesses, or take other steps to conserve energy and foster environmental responsibility.

If you drive on Rt 191 in Rileyville or Lake Ariel, or Route 371 in Tyler Hill, you will start to notice large wooden thermometer installations. These thermometers are each tracking two things--how many kilowatts of renewable have been installed in Wayne County since the inception of the project on one side, and on the other side, we are tracking how many families have saved 350 kWh of energy on their electric bill year over year (you can check this easily by comparing your electric usage this month to that of last month--the power companies usually display it on the bill, or at least on their websites). A recent photo of the thermometers will appear right here, so check back often if you don't have the opportunity to drive by one.

If you would like to participate in the project, let us know by e-mailing SEEDSGroup@gmail.com, or by calling 570-224-0052. We will send you a packet of information including stickers you can put around your house to remind you to conserve energy. A number of local businesses have agreed to reward your commitment to sustainability with a variety of incentives. Additionally, at the end of this year long project, we will have a party where everyone who has participated in the project will have a chance to win a free solar thermal system from Gravity Sun Power!

Let us know what you're doing to create or conserve energy by e-mailing SEEDSGroup@gmail.com with your name, neighborhood, and details of your project. If you have installed renewable energy on your home or business, then please be sure to let us know how many kilowatts of energy your system is designed to produce.