The August Newsletter

August 22, 2010

Dear 350 Families,

Here is your once-a-month e-mail message. And, welcome to all the new families who signed up at the Wayne County Fair!

I have attached basic instructions on how to report your usage to us.

At the bottom of this message is a list of discounts from area businesses to which you are eligible once you reach your first 350 kWhrs saved.

Here is how one family has reached their goal. They:

· Pay close attention to that phantom power use, putting their electronics on surge protector/power strips and turn them off when stuff is not in use.

· Use a kilowatt usage meter* to track use in their appliances & electronics.

· Replaced their old failing freezer, fridge, & washer with more energy efficient ones.

· Put up a clothes line and use it.

· Put in an outdoor wood stove to heat their house and hot water, and keep it going in summer to heat hot water.**

* A kilowatt usage meter is available for loan from the Wayne County Library in Honesdale courtesy of SEEDS.

**Outdoor wood stoves give off fine particulates that are polluting, not just for the owner, but for the surrounding area. Consider less-polluting options first such as geothermal, solar PV or thermal, or wind. WARNING: DO NOT EVER burn anything but wood or other approved fuel such as wood pellets in these stoves. Burning refuse or garbage produces highly toxic dioxins which are hazardous carcinogens. (This goes for burning in barrels, too.) Please reduce, reuse, recycle to reduce your waste stream.

PPL is helping us with our 350 project, and they have an excellent site on the internet that is very comprehensive and very user-friendly. Just type in PPL e-power to find out about lots of rebate possibilities and smart, energy-saving choices you can make.

Another saving tip:

* Most phone chargers use phantom power. Pull the plug when not using. Some new ones on the market shut off completely when not in use.

If you are ready to make the next step by investing in solar or wind power, you can contact SEEDS for a list of local installers. Just answer this e-mail with your request.

Here are the business discounts as promised:

Nature’s Grace Health Food, Honesdale – 10% discount

Northern Light Health Food , Hawley - 10% discount

Calkin’s Creamery – buy 1 cheese, get one free

Himalayan CafĂ©, Honesdale – 1 free small chai

Wayne Independent – 1 month subscr. added to new or renewal

Gravity Ice Cream, – Honesdale – 1 free cone

Trackside Rest., Honesdale – 1 small beverage

Dave’s Super Duper, Honesdale – 5% off total purchase

Day’s Bakery, Honesdale – free Danish or donut

Patisserie, Honesdale – free coffee & cookie

ProJanAmerica Flooring, Tyler Hill - 10% off green products except stuff on sale

Sprig-n-Twig Nursery, Tyler Hill - $5. off order or free rhubarb or free horseradish

Art’s for Him & Her, Honesdale – 1 pr socks free

So, let’s hear from you savers! And remember, for each 350 saved, your name goes in the hat for the big prizes next Spring!


Katharine Dodge,

350 Coordinator & Asst. Chair, SEEDS