October Newsletter

October 31, 2010 Halloween!

Dear 350 familes, Here is your monthly e-mail for October.

We now have 172 familes signed up for the 350 Project!

If every one of you reported a savings of just 350 kWhrs, we would add 59,850 kWhrs to our exsiting savings of 13, 575 kWhrs saved! If you each saved twice that, we would excede our goal of 122,500 kWhrs saved! We still have 5 more months to reach that goal.

Together we CAN DO this!

Because my computer was recently in the hospital for an operation, I may have missed some of your savings reports. So, please check the list below to see if I am missing data you may have sent to me over the last month.

I would really like to be able to add lots of paint to our giant roadside thermometers that track kWhrs saved before it gets too cold to do it, so please get your savings to me as soon as possible: reply to this messege or call 698-6173.


Jack B & Mary Anne C - June, 2010 - 540

Mary Ellen C - August, 2010 - 368

Evelyn - May, 2010 - 2,111

Ginny D - August, 2010 - 368

Peter S - March, 2010 - 504

Ella & Ray - August, 2010 - 2,185

Barbara L & Tom K - ? - 1,000

Joseph M - July, 2010 - 1,412

Kim M - July, 2010 - 423

Jim & Pat S - July, 2010 - 1,584

Phyllis T - August, 2010 - 839

James V. O. - August, 2010 - 545

Martin Y. - Oct. 2010 - 1,305

13575 Total

In last month's messege I suggested you borrow a wattage meter from the Honesdale or Hawley library, and asked you to report your phantom energy findings to me so I might use the information in our next e-mail. If you sent me your findings, please do so again and I will try to use it NEXT month (referring back to my computer problems).


  • Some newer TVs can save about 40% more energy than older generations. If you are in the market for a TV, try this site. http://reviews.cnet.com/4321-6482_7-6615661.html They test TV power use a bit more in depth than energy star.
  • One of our members has "the energy detective" or "TED" (http://www.theenergydetective.com/) in his house to help monitor use. He really likes it, joking that his wife gets annoyed that he can "spy" on her energy habits. He says it has helped them be much smarter about their energy use. There are many brands on the market. SEEDS does not endorse one over others. Go to the TED site or type in "home energy monitor" to start your search for various brands.
  • Fall is a good time to plant trees on the north side of your house to block winter winds. Conifers will serve best. Trees also cool us in the summer. On the south side, keep it open so that you get the benefit of the sun in winter.
  • Do you have a diesel tractor that needs pre-heating in cold weather to start? Plug your pre-heater into a timer so that it only pre-heats for about an hour before you want to use it (saves an extra trip to the barn, too).

Finally, SEEDS is holding a retreat on Saturday, December 4th with a catered lunch. If you believe that a sustainable energy future is in your best interest, and want to help SEEDS make it happen, we want you. Please contact me within the next three days if you think you can attend this visioning process. Thank you.

Katharine Dodge, 350 Project Coordinator

PS Remember that you can check past 350 e-mails on our website in case you missed any. Go to seedsgroup.net

Also, if you have questions about how to figure out your savings, contact me at 698-6173 or e-mail me at katharined@verizon.net.

--Kathy Dodge